Protect your business fortress with unbreachable security

An Attack
On The Hack

The cyber world is unhinged. There is real danger lurking behind every inch of your data and every byte of your technology. You cannot afford to have less than an iron shield of security around your company’s most valuable assets.

ISNY will protect you against:

Which can lead to

Business Disruption

Financial Loss

Trust Erosion

Data Theft

You're vulnerable because you exist

Every company is at risk. 41% of small businesses fell victim to a cyber attack in 2023. Being smart and proactive may be the difference between falling prey or being shielded from harm.

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ISNY: A zero fear zone


There are always new threats and new solutions. ISNY's finger stays firmly planted on the security puise adjusting to the new tactics swittly and efficiently.

Dialed in

We are laser focused in our commitment to protecting your assets. That translates to awareness of the latest vulnerabilities and implementation of proactive defense strategies.


With your security there is no room for error or for shortcuts. We know the severity of the risk and take your safety senously.


Although compliance varies by industry and location, our goal for you is always the same: avoid legal penalties, eatenguard pustomer trust and.

Compliant at every corner

Forewarned is Forearmed

ISNY will train your team to spot the red flags so that you can be proactive and protected at all times. Our security awareness training will give you the knowledge, and with it the power to stay ahead of the threats to your cybersecurity.